What problem is this plugin solving?

When you’re maintaining or administering one or more WordPress websites, it’s very important to keep them up-to-date. This means updating the WordPress core, WordPress plugins and themes on a regular basis.

When you’re regularly updating one or more WordPress websites, you’ve probably run into the issue that somewhere on your website, something visually changed and that wasn’t supposed to happen. This is called a visual regression. Tracking visual regressions on a WordPress website after updating core, plugins and themes is pretty time-intensive, especially when you’re maintaining many websites with many plugins. And even if there is no visual change, you’d still have to check all those websites and pages!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone (or something!) would update your WordPress website for you, tracked down those visual changes (if any) and would just let you know whether your eyes are needed? Meet the WP Upgrader plugin, your personal AI assistant doing precisely that, saving you so much time!

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