Does it update my whole WordPress website?

Yes, our WordPress Monitored Updates plugin updates your WordPress core, plugins and themes. Of course, if you have any paid plugins or themes installed on your website, make sure your licenses are up-to-date.

What time of day is WP Upgrader updating my website?

The plugin is updating your website once per month, at a scheduled day and time of your choosing. We advise you to schedule this in the middle of the night of your local timezone, for example 2AM. This way, you’ll have the best chance that no one will notice the website maintenance. You can choose the day and time when you activate the plugin and follow the onboarding process.

What if I update my website manually?

You can still update your website manually if you want, just keep in mind that WP Upgrader will not do the update for you then, so no screenshots, backups and reports are made of manual updates.

How about auto-updates?

Auto-updates are turned of.

One maintenance-window per month is great, but what about zero-day vulnerability updates?

A ‘zero-day vulnerability update’ is an update to core, plugins or themes that should be updated immediately in order to keep your website secure. Most times, a zero-day vulnerability update is really a small change of code compared to the previous release. Sometimes even just a few characters. So when your site is already up-to-date, a zero-day vulnerability update is almost a no-risk update.

Because your website is maintained by WP Upgrader on a monthly basis, your website is already very much up-to-date. So whenever you’re notified of a zero-day vulnerability update, the best thing to do is just update that vulnerability manually (see ‘What if I update my website manually?’ for more information).

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