General overview

By default, WooCommerce only shows related products based on tags and categories. But related products based on attributes make much more sense! That’s why we built the WooCommerce Related Products by Attributes plugin. Simply activate and your related products will be much more relevant, boosting sales and internal link value!

Basic functionality

  • Activate your your plugin and related products in your WooCommerce shop will be related by product attributes
  • Related products will not be randomized, so the most relevant products are shown first
  • If no relevant product attributes match, related products will still fall back on categories and tags

Additional functionality

  • Configure weight for each product attribute, to finetune your related products
  • Set a relevance treshold, so less relevant related products are excluded from the list
  • Enable or disable randomization of related products
  • Enable or disable falling back to product categories and/or tags



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