Creating a consent

In the GDPR Consent plugin, a consent describes to your visitors what type of permission you want to gather from them.

For instance, you could define a consent called “Watch Videos”. If your visitors agree with this consent, you could start loading remote video’s into your site from YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting service.

Create a new consent

In your WordPress admin, go to ‘GDPR Consent’, then select ‘All Consents’. You will see an overview of all consents available.

Choose ‘Add New Consent’

(Tip: see the Example Consents for inspiration for your own consent texts.)

Main options

1. Consent title
Keep the title short and clear

2. Consent wording
Write a paragraph that explains what you are collecting permission for.

3. Disallowed Plugins
Select which plugins should NOT be loaded untill a visitor has agreed to the consent.

4. Allowed Scripts
Select which scripts you want to load WHEN the consent has been given. (So, they will not be loaded until the consent has been given.)

Additional options

In the sidebar, you can set a number of other options;

1. Mandatory consent
You can choose to set a consent to mandatory. You should only use this for scripts that you are allowed to load without explicit consent (for instance, an anonymized Google Analytics script) or to convey to your visitors that you are loading so called functional technologies. (for instance, setting a cookie to test if cookies can be set – WordPress does this by default.)

2. Sorting order
You can force the order in which consents will be shown in the Consent overview that visitors can visit.

3. Icon
Use the icon selector to connect a meaningful pictogram to your consent. This helps convey the meaning behind the consent permission you are requesting.

Publishing your consent

Once you Publish your consent, it will be available for visitors to agree to or not. If you do not want the consent to be available yet, change its visibility in the Publishing section to ‘Private’.






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