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Website conversion: what is it and how to increase it?

You can have such an attractive website, but it really stands or falls with pages that are designed to convert. Website conversion means nothing more than an identifiable action on your website that you want a visitor to perform. Think for example of how often a contact form is filled out, the number of orders […]

WordPress speed optimization: 6 trics for a speedy website

WordPress speed optimization is a must for any website owner or marketer. If your WordPress website does not load fast enough, visitors will leave as quickly as they came in. Concretely speaking, this means that your website should load within 2 seconds. We can already hear you thinking, “really, that fast?”. Yes, the attention span […]

The best WordPress plugins of 2021: our top 7

The beautiful thing of WordPress is that there is a plugin for almost every problem imaginable. But with thousands of plugins available, it can be hard to figure out which one you need. For example, there are numerous plugins that secure your website and ensure that spam is warded off There are several plugins that […]

Duplicate content: the effect on SEO and how to solve it

You’ve run an SEO test and the results are shocking: you have more than 200 duplicate content errors!  You look at your website bewildered and wonder how you’re going to get rid of all these errors. Just the thought alone makes you tired.  The question is, however, is this cause for panic well-grounded? Very briefly, […]