Since the world has been gripped by the corona virus, the WordPress community is doing its best to alleviate the various measures by building different implementations for WordPress.

We wrote earlier about the launch of icons by Font Awesome. There is also a WordPress plugin called Corona Virus Data from the Chinese architect Duke Yin that shows where the virus is spreading. Data from infections, deaths and recoveries from COVID-19 are visualized on the world map, in a graph or table. It is also possible to display one continent in a WordPress message by using shortcodes. For those who do not want to reveal anything about themselves at any cost, the plugin is less suitable: the user’s IP address is stored.

Screenshot Corona plugin for WordPress

Screenshot corona plugin



Unfortunately, the application is not usable for those interested in corona data from Russia, because the API is blocked by the Russian government. Fortunately, such obstacles are not the case in the Netherlands and at Sowmedia we remain fully operational, corona or not.

Do you have any tips to deal with this situation? Leave it in the comments!