You have a website and you are not sure how to make it GDPR Compliant? Having trouble getting the plugin to behave exactly how you want it? Fortunately we provided extended business support to help you out!

What we offer?

  • Extended support to tailor the plugin to your specific needs
    Work may include various activities such as Custom Styling work. Scripting. Or configuring the Plugin. Help with setting up Basic Consents. And more..
  • GDPR Compliance Audit
    A manual audit of your website done by experienced staff who are up to date with the latest GDPR and EU privacy regulations
  • Questions & Awnsers in regards to GDPR Law (Even if you are not a Customer)
    Within your Extended Support purchase you may inquire for legal advise regarding GDPR regulations. However, for compliance issues we strongly recommend to purchase the GDPR Compliance Audit

Support Plans

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