Content that is embedded in your website should in certain cases not be shown untill a consent has been given. This concerns content like Iframes, YouTube movies or forms from HubSpot or LinkedIn. For these cases you can use a shortcode that will not display the content between the start and end tag unless a certain consent is given.

Use the following shortcode to exclude content;

[gdpr_consent_embed ids=’345′]  -content goes here- [/gdpr_consent_embed]

The above example will not show its content if consent with the id ‘345’ has not been given. Instead of the content, the shortcode will show the required consent and allow a visitor to agree to the consent on the spot. Once the consent has been given the page will reload and the embedded content will be shown.

How do I get the “ids” in this shortcode
The ID in the shortcode can be acquired by opening the editscreen of the consent you wish to show and copying the ID from the bowser’s address bar. The number you need comes after “?post=”.