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GDPR Consent Pro


GPDR Consent Lite

Lite version for non professional users, available in the official Plugin Repository
Expected: October 2020

Instant JavaScript

Feature that will allow JavaScript that will fire instantly after a visitor approves the corresponding Consent. Example: A visitor is referred to your site from an advertisement and you want to keep track of which advertiser referred this visitor to you. You ask the visitor for permission to allow tracking, after which the Instant JavaScript runs the tracking script to store the (already provided) referrer data.
Expected: November 2020

Interface improvements

Improved color picker, more declarative descriptions, easier import options and more intuitive interface.
Expected: November 2020

Consent interface as Gutenberg blocks

Currently you can use shortcodes to embed the Permission Settings, but we’ll make them available as Gutenberg blocks too.
Expected: December 2020

Non EU support

Options to avoid presenting the permissionbar or asking consent of non-EU visitors.
Expected: 2021