Example Consents

A consent, in the context of this plugin, is the information you provide your visitors when asking their permission to use (store, backup etc) their personal data. As expected, a large number of customer have the same scripts and related consents. Feel free to use these examples as an inspiration for your own consents.

Please Note! These are possible suggestions. WPupgrader does not provide legal advise on the GDPR in any way. Always consult your own (local) legal council to verify any legal texts you use in your communications.

Consent name: Website Statistics

Script: Google Analytics

Option one: You have anonymized the data collection

We use Google Analytics to anonymously collect information about how our website is being used. Data is anonymised before it is stored and processed. To anonymise the data the last octet of your IP address is masked. Information collected is not shared with other Google services or third parties.

Consent name: Watch Videos

Service: YouTube

Videos on this website are provided from the YouTube streaming video service. YouTube may show you personalised adverts preceding the actual video you want to watch. This consent is optional, but required if you wish to view videos directly on this website.


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